Working on a tool, some kind of interactive dictionary with filters. It will probably become a simple flashcard system, with a few stats and options to switch between Toki Pona, glyphs, English and French.

My interactive Toki Pona/English/French dictionary is almost ready. I was surprised to see that the French Pu has slightly fewer, simpler, less detailed definitions compared to the English Pu.

I guess it was to be expected since French tends to be way more complex than English, but in some cases, as a native speaker, it felt a bit strange. I suppose, since the French Pu was published two years later, that the translation was aimed at even more minimalism.

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@acciomath Not yet, I’ll put a first version online in a day or so. I still have a few tests and tweaks to do.

@RussSharek pona! mi sona lili. mi wile e sona mute kepeken ilo ni.


mi kama sona toki pona kepeken ilo Anki.
ilo Anki li pona lili.
ilo sona li pona mute.

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