The first version of my interactive English & French dictionary is out! Details are here: and the dictionary is available here for online use: (it also works offline, it's just a Twine file.)

It's pretty basic for now, but it does its job, at least for me: I can use it on my smartphone whenever I need it. Expect more features in the future, feedback and suggestions welcome :)


This looks really good!

Suggestion for numbers section: add 'ala' so you have a nothing to offset your everything in the list.

@RussSharek Thanks! I've just added theme support, so in the next version all the 100 Rabbits themes will work with a simple drag & drop (well, most of them, since a few color combinations make some elements unreadable)

Regarding your suggestion, that's a good idea! I wonder why "ala" isn't marked as a number in the Pu, it would make sense. And it makes me think I'll need a way to tell official dictionary definitions and community definitions apart, not to mention unofficial words.


I'm something of a pu fundamentalist, so I don't generally keep up with community added words. I've seen a few of them defeat the purpose behind toki pona's simplicity.

Along those lines, where did those glyphs come from? I like them a lot, though I was thrown by them not being the sitelen pona.

@RussSharek I agree new words can go against the core concept of the language. I'm still interested in seeing what people come up with, but I probably wouldn't use them either. On the other hand, it seems some words are sometimes used with a broader or slightly different meaning than originally intended. I've seen some flashcards and unofficial lessons with much more definitions for most words than in the Pu.

The glyph are from the sitelen pona pona font:


I figure so long as the new words are clearly marked as 'pu ala' you're pona. ;)

@RussSharek Sure, if I add more words and definitions I'll display them differently, and I'll also add options to filter them. But first, I need to learn all the official words :)


I wonder if it would be useful to use the original sitelen pona for similar reasons of getting the original down.

@RussSharek I'm planning to add more fonts in the future, including sitelen pona and sitelen sitelen, and possibly more exotic ones as well.


Like a Rosetta stone for gibberish. <3

Is your source available online anywhere? I've not messed with twine/twee but I'm now curious after seeing what you've accomplished here.

@RussSharek Not yet, I have to clean my code a bit and put it somewhere else than Github. I’d also like to encode the fonts to let people download a single file for offline use.

I’m pretty sure it could be much faster and smaller without Twine, but I’m not confortable enough with pure JavaScript to attempt real optimization for now.

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