Using the dictionary you're working on to find adequate words and glyphs for the UI of the dictionary you're working on: done.

I'm currently experimenting with a drop down menu to display more option in the future. UI is hard. mi olin e !

@ice My comment is a little bit outside of the subject but I pretty like the color scheme !

@xvw Thanks! Well, except for the shades of grey, it's pretty much the default ORCA theme. Teal and yellow are the same colors: -- Maybe I'll add 100R theme support at some point, it sounds like a good exercise.

@ice I'll try to learn some toki pona in order to make a better feedback :)

@xvw I'm currently adding filters to display or hide the different columns, it's pretty basic so far but it might help for memory training. If you want to learn the language, feel free to join us :)

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