The nice lady from the postal service has finally brought me the Plaid kit I had ordered many months ago, and I am QUITE excited about it. Now I just need a few more weeks to find enough time to assemble it...

@0gust1 Yes, it is! It’s basically like a Planck, but everything is through-hole, there’s no plate or case. And there’s no Pro Micro, but a chip and a few other components soldered directly on the PCB instead.

@ice I still hadn't pulled the trigger.
I went considering ergodox, then redox, then iris.
Finally, as I struggle to find time, I may try to ask my employer for a kinesis advantage (uhh, the price (⊙_◎))

@0gust1 It depends on what you're looking for. The Kinesis is a solid choice for something you don't build yourself. In a similar range,, ErgoDox EZ and Moonlander are also probably worth considering. Anyway yes, mechanical keyboard aren't cheap, DIY or not, heh.

@Erjaeger It was a group buy so it's not available anymore, but I've seen another version here: (and it's probably better this since one has an USB-C port) Of course last time I checked USB-C wasn't available yet, haha.

@ice on the one hand, I am glad someone boosted this and I found you. You make really cool things!
On the other hand, my brain is kind of tired right now. I read "plaid kilt" and was a little confused for a minute at the lack of Scottish garments in the picture.

@melyanna Thanks! I’m not sure why it’s called “Plaid”... Maybe because all components are meant to be visible and to look like they were kind of stitched on the PCB (though it’s not visible on this picture.) I guess the minimalist stripes near the top also illustrate the name. Anyway, a wearable kilt keyboard would be a pretty cyber Scottish thing :)

@net I’m planning black & red legendless translucent keycaps, I’m eager to see the result since I’ve only seen light themes for this keyboard so far.

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