The upcoming update to my dictionary will include 10 unofficial words. The most popular ones, as far as I can tell, since they're part of the linja pona glyph font.

Speaking of which, I've decided to use only this font and ditch sitelen pona pona. While I find the latter more visually pleasing, it's heavily stylized and not really beginner-friendly.

Unofficial words are filtered with the "non-pu" button, and bear a light strikethrough line. More may come in the future.

@phooky Thanks, I try to keep it simple and tidy :) It's live here, if you haven't seen it already: -- I'd like to create a companion tool with translations exercises that would follow the most popular courses at some point.


I like that you added a way to specify pu or pu ala.

@RussSharek What bugs me is while I've added a filter for pu ala words, I didn't find a CSS way to toggle them on and off from the global list (hence the strikethrough and the bold letter to distinguish them more easily.) Maybe I'll come up with some dirty hack in a future udpate.

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