@ice oh wow i didn't checked the hang massive bandcamp, just the videos, a lot of the way i work with tuning in orca is influenced by hang drums <3

@npisanti They're a great source of inspiration to me, a bit like an island of solace in a sea of chaos. I come back to their music regularly. Did you release more music lately? I remember an excellent live stream a while ago.

@ice i played live some days ago but no recording, i'm thinking about releasing a 4 track EP this year, i actually have 7 track i can play live but i still have to release anything

@npisanti I had a quick look at Orca-C a few days ago, it's amazing how it matured since the last time I used it. I have a lot to catch up and various other projects to finish first, but I'll definitely try to make an album with it one day.

@ice yes actually i think it's pretty feature-complete, and it's so fast that i just put the orca command for each .orca file in a bash script, and when i quit one file it start the next without even letting you see the terminal for a moment

@dokoissho Yeah, they make beautiful music. If you haven't seen it already, this is their most famous tune: youtube.com/watch?v=xk3BvNLeNg

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