I always have a strange feeling of bittersweet victory over an angrier version of myself when I delete something I was about to post, after deciding that its negativity exceeds its interest, even if the topic is important. I don’t know if there’s a name for this.


I think it's called "self improvement"

Bravo at not adding to the negative.

Next step, in my experience, is to avoid being hard on yourself for having a grumbly portion of your personality that's wired into your limbic system.

@RussSharek Definitely, when I think how my younger self could behave one or two decades ago, especially online, things have vastly improved.

It’s still hard to put being kind before being right (and to accept that being right is a subjective truth that can be pretty wrong, and actually less valuable than being kind, no matter the topic.)

But is there a rare German or Japanese word to define this very feeling and moment? The strange victory of defeating your own ego and say nothing?


I don't know of a specific term for this idea, and I think it would be nice to find one.

@RussSharek This is not really correct and a bit too vague, but for some reason I spontaneously started to think about it in Toki Pona and what emerged is "anpa ona tawa pona ona"


Similarly, the other day I came up with this one...

tenpo ale la jan pona li pilin utala tawa sewi a!

(Good people always punch up.)

@RussSharek Haha, nice! It took me a while to understand since I wasn't familiar with the idiom, but in fact it works well in Toki Pona, the imagery is maybe even stronger than in English.


I know, I know...a combative hug is potentially confusing. :)


In all seriousness, it's a good idiom despite it being a bad habit to bring idioms in from other languages.

Said the English speaker. :/

@RussSharek Haha yeah :) "Native" Toki Pona idioms are something I'll have to look into, I bet one can learn a lot about the whole language mindset and philosophy by studying a few of them.

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