Me, eating macaroni with my soon 3 year old who loves eating macaroni:
- You don’t spit on macaroni, do you?

3 year old:
Proceeds to immediately spit in his plate.

@ice i feel this deep inside my soul.

me eating hummus and crackers with our 3yo: “You can dip the crackers in the hummus”

3 yo: *smashes face down into bowl of hummus*

Hummus: *everywhere*

@jameschip Hahaha yeah, I can picture this scene very well :)

@ice All of my younger brothers do this without even trying lol don't try to use common sense arguments with a person who don't have the lived experience to know what common sense is yet

@gaeel I inadvertently used an idiom to highlight the fact he was enjoying his meal, and he took it literally as any child of his age would. It was pretty funny and we both had a good laugh.

He’s in a phase where he’s affirming his personality by doing almost systematically the opposite of whatever he’s told to do or not to do. So lately, to make him actually eat his meal, I often have to tell him to not eat it because it’s bad. It has become a game to learn how negation and opposites work. Oh, right! "tu ne craches pas sur les macaronis, toi!"
Yeah, that's a teaching moment for idioms and expressions for sure!

@gaeel Yes :) I thought it was also used in English but maybe not, or less often?

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