I’m using the web version of Mastodon on iOS 14 and when I scroll up there’s a fucking GitHub ad at the very top of the page. It’s invisible unless I scroll, and automatically hides if I stop scrolling, so it’s as useless as it’s intrusive. It looks like some kind of bug, but it makes me mad.

It’s simply Apple putting ads right in their browser.

@ice this is very uncharacteristic of them. has to be a bug

@aadil Probably, and yet, the fact it's here is offending on so many levels, I absolutely hate this. I have ad blockers and every possible ad related setting disabled. And GitHub, seriously? How incredibly bad can their algorithm be to even show me this?

@ice Oh ew, yikes. I tried reproducing that issue and I didn't see it—both in the "web app" version and right in Safari. Hopefully this is a small bug that gets resolved somehow!

@somnius Yeah, it's pretty strange, I managed to close it and it doesn't show up anymore so far.

@ice huh.... do you have Safari extensions installed? Are you sure this is Apple’s doing? I wonder if it’s actually an extension or something sneaking a hidden ad in the page’s content for ad view fraud (wouldn’t be the first time this happened)

@cancel Ironically, the only extension I have installed is AdGuard, haha. I haven't installed any new app lately. Maybe it's a sneaky update from an unrelated app, but eeew, I hate this.

@ice I believe it's not an ad but a a native link to "download the native version on the app store", only for some strange reason it's linking to GitHub. It should appear when the page has a meta tag like `<meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=955925799">`, for example

@rosano Mmmh so it would mean, maybe, that it makes use of Mastodon’s link preview and pops what I’ll still call an ad because there’s a GitHub link in my timeline? Some kind of Mastodon bug (or exploit) that triggers a native iOS feature?

@ice AFAIK the only reason it would show up is if that meta tag is filled on page load, maybe see if it still shows up with JS disabled

@rosano It has stopped showing up since I've closed it, seems like can't get it back for now.

@ice @rosano When I was using this feature on purpose, this was very annoying. the *only* way to get it back is full clear browser history. Good news for you.

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