lawa mi li jo e kon lili pimeja.
My head contains wisps of darkness.

day 2

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kon telo suli li kulupu lon sewi laso.
Bulky clouds gather in the blue sky.

day 3

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ilo kon kute li pana e kalama ike taso.
The radio emits only bad noise.

day 4

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ilo utala li tu. nimi wawa li tu mute.
Powerful words cut more than blades.

day 5

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soweli lili li weka, la soweli lili mute li musi.
When the cat's away, the mice will play.

day 6

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jan pi pona lukin li ken pali e ijo ike.
Fancy people can do bad things.

day 7

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tenpo moku pini ale, la o telo e kiwen uta sina!
Brush your teeth after every meal!

day 8

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jan pimeja li pali ala e kalama, li kepeken mun utala.
Ninjas make no noise and use throwing stars.

day 9

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tenpo kama li ike lukin, la taso sona insa pona li awen.
The future looks bad, but hope endures.

day 10

ijo jan li jaki, la ona li pakala e ma sike.
Human beings are disgusting, they are destroying the planet.

day 11

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nasin tawa pilin pona li ken linja, li ken telo.
The road to happiness can be sinuous and slippery.

day 12

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o awen e tenpo mute, la nena ale li kama nena kiwen ko.
Wait long enough, and all mountains will become dunes.

day 13

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mi wile open e selo kiwen pi pilin mi, tan mi sona ala e olin.
I need to open the armor of my heart because I do not know how to love.

day 14

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tomo utala taso li awen lon ma utala ante.
A lone outpost remains on the alien battlefield.

day 15

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ilo utala seli li kama tan sewi pimeja.
Rockets come from the dark sky.

day 16

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telo sewi pi ike suli li lon pilin mi, taso uta mi li pana e kalama ala.
A big storm is in my heart, yet my mouth makes no sound.

day 17

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olin li ilo alasa: tenpo suno wan, la ona li weka.
Love is a trap: one day, it will be gone.

day 18

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nanpa wan, la sina kama nasa. nanpa tu, la sina kama sona.
First you become dizzy, then you become wise.

day 19

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kala kule pi tawa ala li lape lon noka pi telo suli.
Coral lies at the bottom of the sea.

day 20

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jan moku li pali e moku pona mute pi ijo soweli ala.
The chef prepares an excellent meal without animal product.

day 21

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o moku e kili sewi, la lawa insa sina li pakala e len ijo ale.
Eat magic mushrooms, your mind will rip apart the fabric of reality.

day 22

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Well, seems like I inverted yesterday’s Inktober prompt with today’s prompt. Hopefully if I invert them again balance will be restored and the universe will not collapse.

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ona ken lape lon tenpo ale, la ni li moli ala. kepeken tenpo sewi nasa, la moli ken moli.
That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange æons, even death may die.

day 23

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mi alasa anpa lon ma kili pi sona insa mi, la mi kama lukin e pimeja taso mute.
I dig in the garden of my thoughts, yet all I find is more darkness.

day 24

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jan pona mi li weka, taso ona li lon pilin mi.
My buddies are away, but they are in my heart.

day 25

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lupa pi lukin sina li kon e nasin tawa ma kasi insa.
The door of your eyes hides a path to an inner garden.

day 26

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mi pali e kalama musi nasa kepeken ilo kalama lili mi.
I make strange music with my little synthesizer.

day 27

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pilin mi li awen lon telo suli pimeja, li tawa anpa ala.
My heart floats in an ocean of darkness, and does not sink.

day 28

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@dualhammers Thanks, glad you like them :) I'm enjoying the process a lot, thinking about what to write and how to write it takes as much time as actually drawing it, it's quite a meditative thing.

@ice mi kama sona e toki pona. sitelen sina li pona tawa mi. pona!

@ice you've really been tempting me to get into this style of toki pona

@flip Haha, glad to hear this. It's an interesting alternate way to visualize and to think Toki Pona. For legibility, you have to make a few choices, and you can convey a specific mood that regular letters or glyphs cannot, depending on the order of the different parts, the way they show up above or below each other, how you draw them...

I've barely scratched the surface though, even if it's very helpful to enhance my understanding of the language.

@ice I’ve been thinking about illuminated documents and how a sophisticate sitelen sitelen document would make for terrific visual art

@flip Ah yes, it could look really great. This reminds me of nasin nasa, if you don't know it, it's equally weird and awesome:

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@ice I think I said it already, but these are awesome

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