I won't do this year because I want to take my time, was enough. I'll still probably post a few updates regarding my sonic explorations.

It's been ages since I've got lost in sound for 2 hours straight. I enjoy this so much I might actually manage to finish a track.


Here's a single pattern with a bunch of dirty live tweaks. I thought it was 30 seconds long but I had so much fun it's over 3 minutes.

It's messy and absolutely not the direction I thought I was going to, but I'm seeing some kind of aesthetics emerge, and I'm starting to like getting lost.

@RussSharek Thanks :) I think this will all end up in a Toki Pona themed album, haha.

@RussSharek Well, I've been wanting to release an album with everything titled in Toki Pona for a while, but the music itself is still very much undefined.

At first, I thought it would be fun to make some oldschool/uplifiting acid techno and name it "kalama ilo musi jelo" or something like that. Then I felt the need to make something much darker. And now I realize it's going somewhere unknown in between.

@RussSharek In a way I've started to make music with a Toki Pona spirit because I want to limit myself to a single instrument (that OP-Z I keep babbling about.) So it would make sense to explore this further, and to "think" music in Toki Pona (though at this point it's mostly mindless fun and I'm pretty okay with it.) Naming tracks in Toki Pona, maybe even adding spoken words in Toki Pona, would strengthen this approach. It's still very experimental at this point.


I would love to see an album that took this minimalist approach. The limit of the instrument definitely fits into that "small thing does a lot" type of mentality.

I also live in a place shared by two clowns who both speak #tokipona and have lovely singing voices. I suspect it would not be difficult to get them to record something for you if it would be helpful... :)

@RussSharek That would be amazing!

However, I still have no idea how voices would intervene, especially beautiful ones. I'm more used to cheap and dirty vocal synthesis samples. I have zero experience with writing songs involving humans, and I need to think about what I could and would like to do with this kind of addition. Write lyrics, or at least meaningful snippets, think how to organize everything...

That's a pretty interesting challenge, but I'll need time to think this through :)


We are trapped at home. Take all the time you need. :)

@RussSharek I will :) I'm currently slowly reaching the point where I have three drafts with different atmospheres but compatible aesthetics. My rather blurry goal was to bundle 3 tracks in a mini EP, something that would fit in 15-30 minutes. Rather long tracks with ambient parts alternating with electronic beats. I'm thinking voices could be great to bind everything together. So this may lead to some kind of mini concept album woven with a Toki Pona story.


It sounds amazing.

What would help you clarify the vision so the project can move forward?

@RussSharek Mainly, me managing to better prioritize my bazillions projects... My initial goal was to make a soundtrack for the game I'm currently working on, but the music became something else (for the better, since the result didn't match what I had in mind.) So now I have to think about it as a different project, possibly as a musical continuation of my Inktober experiments, and define what it will actually be about.

Maybe I'm overthinking this though.

@RussSharek Right :) I was about to say when we're sleeping, but no, even then, it never stops, haha. Well, it seems I may even have more than 3 tracks... I think I'll record quick and dirty drafts of everything and try to see how they all fit together, that would be a good start.

@ice quite nice feeling in it !

Interested in exchanging samples or trying to do "cadavres exquis" in sound ?

@0gust1 Thanks :) That sounds like the perfect excuse to start messing with the OP-Z sampler. What do you have in mind?

At the moment I'd like to focus on the OP-Z, so I have a few limitations. I can export 10 seconds loops (unless it's a whole live recording) and I can import 6 seconds long samples for any purpose, or 12 seconds long loops that are automatically sliced to make drum kits. And for samples, I don't really have any at the moment, it's all stock sounds.

@ice I don't have particular idea, besides trying things with whoever is interested here.
It could be like a conversation : one uploads a (small) set of samples (short, loops, track stems) and pass it to another person here, which builds something with/on it.

For example, I started a track with piano samples from @Lutrinus that I processed, but struggle to going somewhere satifying to me. Someone else could, using what I've done (if it's inspiring).

@ice another example :

Listening to some of your sketches, at times I though "oh, I could add a high pitched synth stab or some pad here" or "I wonder what it would give if I sample the percussion part and destructure it further". It's just an example.
I don't have a clear path/idea, besides working with materials of others and giving back some things.

It could also be a process like andrew huang did with a neaunoire track : youtube.com/watch?v=F_8msY0R9G

@0gust1 Sounds cool, this reminds me we did something similar on Diaspora long ago with @johannesg (and we ended up with Merveilles coincidentally 10 years later, haha) merveilles.town/@johannesg/104

It would be nice to see if there are other people interested (@Lutrinus?), maybe we could set up a sharing space (I have a small NextCloud server that could do the job, but there are other options) or at least a few guidelines.

@0gust1 I'm planning to sample my Orba and my Rammerdrum, and anything else funny enough. I have no clear path though, it's just experimenting at this point.

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