I love playing the kalimba, I've played for several hours today. I was about to record something... but my thumbs strongly disagree. Fine, I've got the message, I'll take it easy and ask for their opinion tomorrow. I mean, I need my thumbs.

@ice I use my nails when I play, it stops my thumbs from hurting. But whenever I record anything it sounds thin and bad so I'm not so motivated to play.

@nihilazo So do I, but I cut them a bit too short a couple of days ago. Even then, I'm not sure they'd be solid enough for long sessions.

I did very short recordings with my phone, and it didn't sound too bad, so with more time and a decent mic I think I should manage to record something satisfying (at least for me.) I also still have to try with a contact mic and various vibrating surfaces, the result could be interesting.

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