Since I'm still on that cyberpunk games streak, I've started to play The Red Strings Club, and oh boy, finally something that goes deeper than chrome and neon aesthetics!

I don't know where it will lead, but it definitely scratches my "empathy systems in video games" itch, even if it's 90% dialogues and 10% mini-games. Characters debate over progress, humanity and the value of emotions. You prepare special cocktails to alter the mood of your customers. I like it a lot so far.


Just finished The Red Strings Club. The last choice you can make is such an agonizing moment, I don't think I've ever seen a dialogue menu this powerful in a video game.

Definitely the best game I've played in 2020. Funny how such a low budget, short cyberpunk game can prove so much more meaningful than a behemoth like Cyberpunk 2077.

@ice The choices you have to make during this dialog crushed me.

@ice If you want to keep up in this cyberpunk vibe of visual novel, in a totally different vibe, try Eliza. I think you’ll find it very special too.

@thomasorus Oh, yes, I remember taking a mental note about this game a while ago then I totally forgot it. Well, let's keep the cyberpunk gaming streak going, thanks for the reminder :)

@thomasorus Oh yes, me too. Made me cry, so it joins the Disco Elysium hall of fame for me, haha.

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