This morning, my workout was weird. The program I’m following regularly includes alternating biceps curls, with dumbbells, until muscle failure. Usually, I manage to carry on for 4-5 minutes with 4 kg dumbbells.

Today, I repeated curls for nearly 25 minutes, and I stopped because it was freaking me out, not because I couldn’t continue. My arms just kept working. I felt light fatigue, but never reached the point where I couldn’t lift anymore. I did nothing unusual, how is that even possible?

@ice you’ve increased your endurance! Time to bump up the weight.

@ndpi I think so, but that's a crazy level up. I've never noticed such a big jump in my progress before. I had already planned to use heavier weights for the next program, but this was really unexpected.

@aynish Seems like I did, but the sudden peak was pretty confusing. Now I hope it isn't just a peak but the result of my two previous months of daily workout. Apparently it can happen, but it's a lot rarer than a sudden drop in performance. The human body is a really complex machine, it's fascinating.

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