I did absolutely nothing of interest this week and felt bad about it. I didn't work on any of my projects, and my mind wandered in dark places.

Two hours ago, I recorded a live kalimba loop, added a hint of reverb, then a slow evolving beat I did in five minutes on the OP-Z. I'm listening to the two loops, synced but with slightly different lengths, since one hour or so.

All of a sudden, the universe is infinitely beautiful, and I'm happy to be part of it.

Here's the quick and dirty kalimba track I started to work on yesterday. It's just me playing live, a bit of reverb, a basic OP-Z beat with random variations, and a few EQ/compression tweaks.

Both the kalimba and the beat were recorded straight with an iPad mic, so it's noisy. Perhaps I'll do a proper recording for the next versions, but I like the ultra fast workflow and the low-fi + reverb vibe (or maybe I'm just lazy.)

@dualhammers I know, and sometimes it’s difficult to remember this simple thing. Thank you :)

@hollowspecter Thanks! I think it's the first time I've blended live recordings in such a way, I'll keep exploring this method :)

@exquisitecorp Thanks :) I did this so quickly and spontaneously, it still needs work indeed, but I really want to explore this kind of simple workflow further.

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