I have no idea what my brain did while I was sleeping but I woke up with the utterly silly idea of making an erotic interactive fiction with Twine written exclusively in .

Except the more I think about it, the less silly it sounds. It might be a pretty interesting challenge to use a limited number of imprecise words with no gender to describe scenes that can be understood in different ways depending on what you imagine is actually happening.

@ice Do it, please no "hentai" style nor humanimal... Do something more "west europe". But anyway, do.

@Jeux1d100 Sure, if I do this I'd aim at something as universal as possible. It should work in such a way that people could project their kinks on it without explicitly describing them. Or maybe as some kind of option, but it would be a setting detail that adds flavor, not something that defines entirely the story or the aesthetics.

Anyway I don't think there will be any image, unless I design a new Toki Pona script especially for this (which could be a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.)

@ice This is a pretty neat idea! I'm really curious if such a thing could even be conveyed! I probably need to brush up on my toki pona. i'm wondering if part of the outcome / challenge here would be to have readers transcribe their own translations, possibly as illustrations?. i'm thinking of how porpentine's with those we love alive had you draw sigils on your arm for example. so maybe this is like a guided drawing

@exquisitecorp Oh yes, it would be really great if people could use it to output what they understood as texts or images. I haven't checked Porpentine's work in ages, but yeah I remember this one, it was pretty interesting.

I'm also tempted to try to design a new Toki Pona script, derived from sitelen sitelen, but with a more obvious carnal vibe.... It could be funny.

@exquisitecorp @ice

hey, "luka mi li lon anpa sina. mi wile unpa e sina" is pretty clear :bloblamp:

@Thunderfree @exquisitecorp Haha yeah, it is :) I did a few tests, turns out it's very easy to write absolutely naughty things. Now, I'm not sure if that can be actually dubbed as "erotic", providing the reader should find it at least enjoyable, but I guess it's a rather subjective matter.

@ice Oh lol, this sounds like an interesting idea that the language itself might not be up for, but then again there's only one way to find out for sure :)

You could also make a derivative version of sitelen sitelen that fits better with the contents of this... story, though I'd work on the story's script first and leave that task for if I still feel like it afterwards because the story itself seems like enough of a challenge to write in toki pona on it's own.

@detondev I'm more interested in creating a system that could be used as a story/character generator than actually writing a story. I'm curious to see how similar or even identical sentences can be understood in different ways depending on what came before and what the setting imagined by the player is.

And yeah, designing something that would likely be called "sitelen unpa" could be a lot of fun.

@rekagotik Actually, due to popular demand, I might end up doing it, haha :)

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