I barely wrote two Gemini pages and I’m already thinking about hacking something to generate a blog-like structure with basic pagination. One more project added to my evergrowing list of new and unfinished projects shouldn’t make a big difference.


I spent a few days writing a static blog generator that produces html and gemini. It was worth it, for sure. Yeah, improvements can still be made, and I'll get around to them one day. :)

So do it.

Ps, Your Toki Pona stuff is fascinating, as is the language itself, which is another reason to encourage you.

@flavigula Thanks :) I can say I “know” the language, but I still feel like a beginner, it’s simple enough to write short and somewhat meaningful sentences, and to draw them, but writing long-form and articulating deeper thoughts is another matter entirely.

I have much, much more to explore and making a blog would put me out of my confort zone... which is exactly what I need :)

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