I'm working on project A. It's a tool meant to make project B easier.

B is a nice but not mandatory companion to project C.

I started C instead of finishing project D, which I started instead of finishing project E.

I'll log all of this with project F, which I'm updating for the occasion.

A might resurrect project G, since it's based on it, and delay D and E further.

But project E will benefit from G, B, C and D in the long term.

... yes, my workflow is *complicated*.

@ice my projects have so many nested dependencies that it's like the 100 nuits

@ice this post makes me feel so seen it’s uncanny

Like looking in a mirror

@ndpi Haha, I think we're not alone in this case, far from it :)

@ice Me, it's a bit simpler : project A aborted because not sure of it and wanted to start project B, aborted because not sure of it and wanted to start project C, aborted... etc, repeat endlessly until the next existential crisis and/or the apocalypse.

@jylm6d Haha, well, what I describe is about the same thing except I manage to convince myself that previous projects are on hold instead of aborted... I wish I could just "officially" cancel something I've stopped working on, but for me it's the hardest thing ever, so I like to pretend I'll get back to it at some point.

Oddly enough, while this method has proven a massive failure in the past, it seems that I'm now actually getting back to some old projects. I guess I'm growing up.

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