The one thing that keeps me awake at night is trying to know if nouns in should be capitalized or not when mentioned in another language.

No matter if there's actually rules for this (not to mention it might be different, for example, in English compared to French), in any case, it always feels awkward.

Should I capitalize a project with a Toki Pona name outside of Toki Pona? Should "Toki Pona" even by capitalized? Wouldn't "toki Pona" make more sense in Toki Pona? Auuugh. I consider capitalisation a stylistic choice.
It's very rare that capitalisation changes the meaning of a word in practise, so my recommendation is "use whatever capitalisation looks best in context".

@gaeel You're right, it's probably the best approach. The raging perfectionist in me is always craving for precise rules, but I shouldn't bother. It's meant to be simple, after all :)

@ice i dont ever capitalise toki pona words when talking about toki pona words, but if its a name i capitalise in and out of tp

@eris I've released a mini album with a Toki Pona title in lowercase. It's 5-word long, so it doesn't look too strange in English. But I have another project named with a single word, and in this case it feels awkward. I don't like to capitalize it, but if I don't it looks like a word, not like a name.

All of this feels like buttered cat paradox territory to me :)

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