I've updated my website, the main addition being a "works" section with a list of my most recent projects and links to their individual pages.

It's still pretty basic, but it provides a bit of context, and it's the first step towards an upcoming "notes" section that will likely behave like a personal wiki.

@nleigh Thanks :) I try to keep improving it, especially when I feel the need for a bit of change. Before that, it used a sans-serif font, and now it looks a lot warmer.

@ice if you’re looking for feedback, the font size is pretty small on my phone screen. Bumping it up 125% makes it much more legible!

@nleigh True, thanks for pointing this out! I didn't test this new layout on mobile yet, looks like it needs some improvement. I also noticed that the Unicode arrows I use for the links aren't displayed properly on Safari Mobile. I have some work to do :)

@ice I think that’s just a matter of most fonts not having that character? I get a tofu box with “01F86D” on Firefox on macOS.
I solved that problem on my site by including the Bootstrap Icon font:

@ice On my Chromebook I can see the arrows because "Noto Sans Symbols2" is installed.

@nleigh I think I've managed to fix it the old school way, I've changed the arrows for a more common Unicode set and added the variation selector-15 to prevent emoji conversion, it seems to work on Safari. I've also boosted text size for mobile, it should be better now.

Your website looks great, I like what you did for the links. And your "Welcome Home" story is quite touching, the android analogy works very well to give some perspective to the reader.

@ice Yeah, I can see the arrows now!

And thanks! I'm quite proud of that one :robot_3:

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