handpans and politics 

My first personal wiki entries will deal with steel tongue drums and handpans. I'm updating old notes, and diving into... the festering shitfest of PANArt vs the world.

PANArt are the people who invented the Hang, which started the handpan craze 20 years ago. Recently, they've decided to sue makers with designs similar to the Hang. Basically... everyone.

In case you're wondering, PANArt are not socialists. Their statement is... wow, just wow.



handpans and politics 

I can't understand how people who created such instruments of beauty, and keep doing so, can have values that are the complete opposite of those of most people who play them.

I knew they were somewhat elitist and always tried to keep control over their creation, but even then... Equating copyright with human rights is fucking crazy.

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