After four months of 30-day fitness programs, I’m currently designing my own, since other available programs look either too easy, too hard, too boring or not what I’m looking for.

Turns out it’s not so complicated once you understand what each individual exercise does, and how to balance them for effective variations and rest periods.

That’s the theory at least. We’ll see if I can handle kettlebell juggling in a few months.


In case you're wondering, I started the day with a full body 20 kg kettlebell workout and I didn't die. I may even feel good.

Now the question is, will I be able to move my probably very sore muscles tomorrow?

I feel a little soreness about everywhere in my body from yesterday's kettlebell workout, but it's nothing compared to what I imagined.

Today's workout was arms-focused, with 10 kg dumbbells and movements repeated to failure, as slowly as possible. It was a bit demanding and I suspect tomorrow might be painful.

"20 squats with a 20 kg kettlebell is no joke", I mutter to myself, as I lay victorious but breathless in a pool of sweat on the bathroom’s floor, savoring every shredded muscle in my ravaged body, before remembering I normally do 10 squats holding a single 10 kg dumbbell, and wondering if maybe, some slight miscalculation happened when I designed this program.

Today’s workout, which was focused on arms and back, involved moving 10 kg dumbbells repeatedly at various positions with a decreasing number of repetitions, and wasn’t especially interesting.

The hardest part was waiting 2 minutes doing nothing between sets. So guess it’s perfect, because it’s less demanding than the previous days, meaning other muscle groups can rest and repair.

Yesterday I did a workout named "Glutes Sculpt". I can guarantee you that today my glutes feel very sculpted indeed, since whatever shape they took obviously now doesn’t fit any regular surface and every move I make painfully set alien body parts into motion.

@ice wow! My 16kg one is a bit heavy for some exercises (I'm thin and small)

@0gust1 I can handle it just fine in most cases, but I definitely can't do a biceps curl. And I'm not crazy enough to attempt cleans and similar one-arm techniques yet. I'm far from being big and tall, but apparently growing muscles is a process I find interesting at the moment, not sure why :)

@ice ok !
so, no Turkish get up with the 20kg ? 😁
I can manage like 5-10 biceps curl with the 16kg, but it's quite hard!

@0gust1 Haha, that's on my list, I'll probably try this outside soon when the sun will show up. But it looks hardcore, even without a kettlebell...

The truth is I have a 20 kg kettlebell because it was the last one in the shop and I brilliantly thought "I can handle a 10 kg dumbbell in each hand easily, so this should be fine."

That's Orcish reasoning I guess, my brain shrinks proportionally to my muscles growth.

@ice 😂😂😂
Same for me, I migrated from 8kg to 10kg and then bought a 16kg, thinking it would be quite ok. The difference was hard !

@0gust1 I've read a big weight difference is better for faster progress (that's what Pavel Tsatsouline seems to think anyway.) I'm not sure about this, but I don't want to buy a lighter one, so I have no choice but to get stronger lol

@ice :) if you already have 2 10kg, it's already ok, no ?
Lighter kettlebell seems better for cardio, heavier are for force/muscle it seems.

@0gust1 I have dumbbells up to 10 kg, but only one kettlebell. I don't think I need a lighter one though (or maybe I'll invest in a fancy modular model at some point, but it won't be before a few months.)

Anyway, the RAV Vast weights 6 kg, that's enough for lighter weight lifting :)

@RussSharek I don't know, I'm experimenting :) So far doing these kinds of workouts every morning leaves me more energized than tired for the day, so I guess they're good for me.

I'm more worried about balancing which muscles groups are used one day or another, so they can get proper rest before getting trained again. It's weird, because it feels like creating a cooking recipe or designing a game, but with weights for ingredients.


Nice analogy.

Because of the things I train, I don't tend to do those sorts of body splits. I have heard of people getting terrific results from them.

A friend of mine who is a trainer says that the best workout is the one you do, and I tend to agree.

@RussSharek From what I've seen, your training is quite specific to acrobatics and probably very different from what I do.

It never occurred to me before starting this a few months ago that the human body was such an optimization machine that keeps adapting to whatever you throw at it and can literally morph into new shapes depending on what you focus on. It's obvious when you look at various athletes, but living it is something else entirely.

Your friend sounds wise :)


Even more specifically, I'm currently learning how to be the base in an acrobatic team.

@avalon is learning to be a flyer, which has us constantly exploring those little differences in how we use our strength, flexibility, and movement.

Bodies are equally weird and magic.

@TQ Don't worry, I did 3 sets, including 5 more other exercises after this one, and I'm perfectly fine.

I should have mentioned I'm training in the bathroom, which is convenient for showering after workouts. I didn't suddenly collapse out of exhaustion. It was just a bit more demanding than expected. My training mat is very comfortable :)

@ice haha, okay, glad to hear you're okay and actually enjoying your training. 😊

@TQ As someone who used to have zero interest in sports and fitness, over the last few months I've become kind of addicted to it. However, I can't help but experiment with equipments and exercises like I do with computers or any other creative activity, so sometimes I get unexpected results. Thanks for your concern :)

@ice do you feel like you're allowing yourself enough recovery time? I don't know what your goals are but my limited understanding is that you need a rest phase to allow repair and growth to occur if you're trying to increase strength (like 48 hours).

@voxel I don't know yet, I'm experimenting. The idea is to rotate muscles groups, so they can rest while you focus on a different group every day.

It worked fine for my previous programs, in this case I didn't test all the exercises I've organized for the month, so this one was a bit more brutal than the usual (not to mention my kettlebell is probably too heavy for now, but it's the only one I've got, haha)

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