I've finally watched Mad Max Fury Road. That was absolutely savage and beautiful.

@surveyor3 Haha yeah, it's definitely worth to be rewatched a few times :)

@ice Aw! Had to think about that movie just today. Camera and cut are so exceptional, I love it so much.

@TQ Yes, it's really impressive. And it's amazing to see such a big production where basically all men but two are villains while all women are on the good side.

@ice No try the black and chrome edition. Black and white without dialogs. The film still works super well and is beautiful.

@thomasorus Wow, I read the movie was supposed to be in black and white at some point, but I didn't know there was actually such a version. That's pretty cool, I'll have to check it out.

@ice one of the few films I've seen multiple times in the theater

@birdstare I wish I could see it in a theater, it must have been really impressive.

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