One day, maybe I'll understand how MIDI mapping and audio apps work on iOS. But not today.

@dokoissho That's what I'm using... But setting up the OP-Z to trigger different instruments depending on the selected track is a massive headache. It's probably simple, but I just have no idea what I'm doing.

@ice yeah I guess that would be complicated - I just use it to route electric piano through a tape delay, which is pretty straightforward.

@dokoissho I think it's doable, but I don't understand the whole mess of audio unit extensions, inter-app audio and other multi-output variations of the same app. This, added to the OP-Z MIDI config, implies so many combinations on both sides I just don't get it. No big deal, I guess I'll sample sounds I like from iOS apps instead.

@ice I've been following iOS music apps for the past decade and have almost nothing to show for it in terms of actual music. I think they're a trap - there are so many possibilities that you get constantly distracted. I now use a very small number of devices, which already have so many possibilities that it's easy to get distracted even then. I think that to actually achieve something, you have to become a kind of monomaniac, at least for a while.

@dokoissho I agree, there are so many ways one can get lost in that endless quest for novelty and cool features. iOS clearly suffers from this (it’s an altar to consumerism by design, heh.) But I had the same issue with DAWs and their bazillion settings and plugins.

In fact, the very thing that gives me the best feeling of progress and joy when I use it is my RAV Vast. It does only one thing, but it does it perfectly.

@ice I think we’re so easily seduced by iOS music apps is bc they’re so cheap - you can get the classic Minimoog/Prophet/ISEM/VCS 3/etc for under $10! The capitalist economies-of-scale model succeeds brilliantly there, but it leads to what a friend of mine calls Infinite Distraction, a kind of creative ADHD: “exploring the possibilities” becomes the entire process.

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