After one too many gif from the Hackers movie randomly thrown at me by the Fediverse, I finally decided to watch it. I had a blast.

@ice I had fun watching the second Hackers movie, even if it had nothing to do with the first one, and it was bad to publish a movie about Mitnick while he was waiting trial.

Hackers 2 contains the most realistic hacking scene ever depicted in cinema: social engineering by phoning some company, pretending that you work at Sun, but you're actually just a dude sitting on a toilet.

@pindola Is it "Takedown"? I see there is quite a bit of confusion about Hackers 2/3 because, among other things, there are OST named Hackers 2 and 3 from the first movie.

@ice Yes, "Operation Takedown". Don't watch the third movie. It has nothing to do with the two previous ones, but unlike 1-2, it's not good.

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