I'm glad I have no money to spend on a FoldKB kit. I'm also glad it's not available at the moment. I mean, split + ortholinar + rotary encoders + compatible with a standard keyset = the formula that makes me forget I already have too many keyboards.

@lurker It’s probably the shift key at the bottom of the right half. But it could be any key, since it’s fully programmable.

@ice I wish i could find a keyboard like mine : TypeMatrix BÉPO 2030 USB, but not compact, with a full "standard" keypad and slightly larger letters, and under 100€...

@Jeux1d100 That sounds quite hard, since most non "standard" layouts are generally above this price. And of course, DIY keyboards are even more expensive...

@ice I’m very happy with my falbatech redox, but i would die for a dactyl manuform with rotary encoders ^^

@0gust1 I saw a guide to build one, it looks like a pretty cool and not so hard project (if you have a 3D printer and a lot of patience, of course.)

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