I'm playing Kind Words again and this is quite often heart-shattering, but the global mood is so positive and uplifting that in the end, it makes me happy.

"Playing" is probably not the right word though. It's not really a game either. But it's possibly the most powerful emotional experience I ever felt via the video game medium.

@ice This looked nice so I gave it to my 9-yr-old to try out. Within minutes he was sharing personal disclosures via the letters system and began receiving letters of support and advice from unknown sources (which might just as well have been algorithmically generated). At best it's a gigantic social media self-help therapy platform, at worst the perfect platform for entrapping minors. The reviews I've read seem incredibly naive. I find it disturbing on many levels and have deleted it.

@dokoissho I definitely wouldn't recommend it to a 9-year-old, it's clearly not adapted to children, even if some users seem quite young.

Yes, it can be seen as a self-help therapy platform, in a way. There may be disturbing content, some requests are darker than others. But it's moderated by humans, and designed to allow only one reply, so you can't form any relationship. Personally, I only had good experiences with it, and I'm glad it exists. The mood is really caring and positive.

@ice Maybe I freaked out a bit when I started to see how it worked! It looks very kid friendly with all the anime lo-fi hip-hop vibe. I guess it's a good sign in the age of the algorithm that it's at least moderated by humans at all!

@dokoissho It's understandable, this is pretty unique and rather experimental. I'm still surprised it works. You'd expect it to be filled with trolls in no time, but it's been one year and half, and it's still a very friendly community. As you said, there's something naive about it, but it's also strangely, I don't know, beyond naive. As if users knew the value of being nice, which creates some kind of positive feedback loop.

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