I've spent all day making crappy lofi beats and recording basic steel tongue drum tunes with my phone. I'm now merging both, and I like the result. Nothing is quantized, it sounds like a broken groovebox having sex with a gong on acid, but from all the imperfections emerges some kind of wholeness.

Due to popular demand (well, just @exquisitecorp actually, but it's more than enough to make me feel happy for the rest of the day) here's a snippet of my latest musical adventures, involving dirty beats and a RAV Vast. Oddly enough, it loops nicely (even if Mastodon doesn't.)

@jameschip I’m now thinking the only real skill is embracing your lack of skill and pretend it’s art until someone else agrees.

@ice please post if you put online! even if just a snippet! i'm on a similar sound trip, though i'm doing it with modular

@ice @exquisitecorp very nice! reminds me of rainy walks, a seedlings perseverance and patience, contemplation, foggy days 🌁🌿

@metasyn @exquisitecorp Thanks :) This is a bit unsettling, because today was mostly sunny. I recorded the steel tongue drum outside, over the last few weeks, I came to associate it with late sunny afternoons... and yet, what you describe is pretty much the state of my mental space since many months. Funny how this can permeate and materialize through music without me even noticing.

@ice maybe so! it's just foggy here in SF but had that ~moody vibe~ to me. the unsynced drums give it such a cool atmosphere

@metasyn The weird thing is this is just a small part of a raw 10-minute long take, made of random short tunes that are all more or less out of sync. I wanted to slice it heavily and keep only the best "loopable" parts, but I've layered the beats over the whole unedited track, and it doesn't even sound strange, despite being totally destructured. I'll probably try to keep it that way and build around the accidents instead of hiding them.

@exquisitecorp Thanks! For once, I may even finish a few tracks and actually release something. My workflow looks good enough. How are the modular experiments going?

@ice pretty good! Have some more music to put up soon but I’m visiting my parents in another city for a week

@ice it has that tape not quite keeping speed properly vibe to it. Great!

@jameschip Glad you like it! My initial intent was to try to make some "lofi hip hop beats to chill to" (since it’s apparently a genre now.) I guess it feels darker, but I like where it’s going. I used quite a bit of effects to get that old record/tape vibe, I’m not sure what it tells, but it seems to work for adding an emotional layer of some sort.

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