Seems like I'm currently obsessed with beats anatomy, so I'm taking some notes on the most basic structures. Maybe someone will find this useful:

@ice nice! :tealheart:
just to clarify: for the "2-and + snare variation", is the second snare 1/16th after the third kick?

@chirrolafupa Yes, at first I made a more detailed view but I ended up keeping the same grid I used for the rest. This one is weird, for some reason I can play it easily but I always have a hard time visualizing it.

@chirrolafupa Maybe I should use 16 subdivisions for everything, I’m just being lazy lol

@ice haha nah, i think it's very clear this way. maybe 16 subdivisions for more complex structures only?

@chirrolafupa Yeah, I’ll probably end up adding more pages for more complex beats as I’ll learn them :)

@ice you might find my "prop" rhythmic notation language interesting:

@paul It definitely is :) That’s a clever system, I like how simple it is, while allowing very complex patterns at the same time.

@ice the one fault the implementation has is that you can't layer rhythmic patterns together without drift eventually occurring. I have plans to revisit the concept and build a version that is synchronized via a shared clock source.

@paul That sounds fun for live coding, I’ll have to try it at some point. I just had a look at your candy crystal codex, I enjoyed it a lot. You really managed to keep that ancient/alien vibe, I didn’t think low res and beeps would evoke a cryptic old tomes mood so easily. But it totally makes sense, given how cryptic computers can be.

@ice that's a great way to think about the codex. Wish I thought of that.

One of the things I liked to do with prop was drop it inside of my Sporth language as a embedded microlanguage. It would emit a rhythmic trigger signal which could then be used to control a number of modules:

@paul Very nice, Sporth looks intriguing as well. I should give it a try when my finger drumming spree will calm down.

@ice oooh finger drumming. very nice.

let me know when you are using piezo microphones to capture finger taps.

@antharia Pretty cool! I was planning to check a similar book (, I'll have to add this one to my list.

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