Apparently it's Friday, so here comes the result of my latest musical adventures.

It's a nearly 11-minute long live steel tongue drum session with unquantized beats and lo-fi textures. It's a bit broken, a bit moody, a bit groovy... And I hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

@ice It's 9:00 am here and I spent 100£ on long plays already. Damn you Friday.

@chirrolafupa Thanks :) I hope to do more similar tracks in the future, my process for this one really opened new paths to explore for me.

@ice this was the perfect chillout vibe after turning in final grades. Sounds kind of gamelan-y, nice stuttery breakbeat. Did you use the OP-Z?

@dokoissho Glad you liked it! No OP-Z for this one, but I did a few beat sketches with it right before this session. I'll probably use it for the next ones though, since the process made me more interested in unquantized beats, I'm eager to try live beats recording.

@ghostlevel Thanks :) I hope to do more similar tracks, the process I used for this one really made me want to push my experiments further in this direction.

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