I’ve just made my first gemstone stretch bracelet. Pretty simple, but I can’t decide if there are too many aventurine pearls or not. Maybe two, or even one, would have been enough. Or all three next to each other.

I’ve chosen this stone because the color looked close enough to the Merveilles teal, and also because I like the name. Other pearls are black agate.

I’m waiting for skull spacers for the next ones. The Goth in me was adamant about it.

Necklace of lucky death +5 

Experimenting with the skull-shaped spacers I’ve just received... Clearly this will end up as a necklace.


Necklace of lucky death +5, complete 

Please, someone has to stop me before I open an Instagram account and start posting selfies.

I thought it would take me ages to make. It was as easy as it was quick. The size is perfect, spacers have adjusted way better than what I expected, and the knot is invisible. I feel like a 15-year old and it’s amazing.

Necklace of lucky death +5, complete 

@ice Oh no, next thing you know you have an Etsy store.

Necklace of lucky death +5, complete 

@ice That said, this necklace is really cool

Necklace of lucky death +5, complete 

@lilletale Thanks :) I think it's the first time ever I make a necklace, except maybe in kindergarten with noodles. No planning, no thinking, I just had to get some pearls and make it.

An Etsy store would be crazy, but I'll definitely make a few more of these things... I have some pearls left!

Necklace of lucky death +5, complete 

@ice that looks pretty bad-ass.

Necklace of lucky death +5, complete 

@dokoissho Haha, thanks! Now I have to start a metal band or something like that I guess.

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