No context sudden need to make a tiny game with jumping voxels and desaturated colors. I've no idea what it's about, except I named all assets in , and my mood was involving some kind of lazy melancholia.

I guess it could become a random walk in a quiet forest, with occasional dialogues and chill beats in the background.

Seems like I'm making a custom pixel font for this game. The good thing is uses only 14 letters and capitalizes only names, so it's way faster and easier compared to regular fonts.

I'm trying to give it some kind of natural, script vibe. A bit cryptic, maybe somewhat Elvish. I could have used sitelen pona glyphs, but it would be way too much work for now. I want to have fun making this.

I've tweaked the font to make it rounder and bolder, since the previous version was hard to read in the game.

So for now, we have a confused bipedal bunny and a happy amphibian. No idea what will happen next, but it should be funny.

This forest is growing out of control. There are now different height levels and both characters can walk on specific terrain, so you have to swap between them to reach some otherwise inaccessible places.

The lagomorph can hop on logs and the batracian can swim. It's not pictured here because the GIF would be huge, but it works!

Meanwhile, in the voxel forest... you don't walk among trees, you walk on them.

In case you're wondering, translating the usual video game options to is hard.

As I kept increasing the map's size to cram more stuff and design more intricate levels, I started to feel the need to come back to the dreamlike simplicity of the beginning.

Paradoxically, the world feels endless when it's tiny but floating in a misty void. As soon as it grows bigger than the screen, its physicality turns the poetics of contemplation and mystery into the usual video game exploration trope.

Meanwhile, in the voxellated forest, inhabitants headbang on lo-fi procedural beats and sliced RAV Vast tunes.


Meanwhile, in the voxellated forest, the cursed groove is spreading.

@palomakop Thanks :) I think this will end up as some kind of roguelike, except you just walk around and chat to spread the groove and make new friends.

@palomakop I need to seriously work on it then :) For once I'll try to keep it dead simple in order to actually release something.

@ice no pressure ! my favorite games are where you just wander around and occasionally have a small obscure conversation with someone/something.

@palomakop Sounds like pretty much the kind of game I want to do! The thing is, I’m pressuring myself to not pressure myself. I want to have as much fun as possible making it, to find a workflow where I can just add new stuff quickly and easily, a little bit every couple of days or so. Hopefully I think I’m on the right track :)

@ice @palomakop What engine or codebase are you using? I'm surprisingly (or not?) working on a very similar kind of project! I started in just straight-up node.js but have been thinking about transitioning to Godot or....i'm not sure.

@exquisitecorp @palomakop I didn’t know it also had a musical aspect, that’s pretty interesting, I’ll have to check it out :)

@exquisitecorp @palomakop I’m using RPG in a Box. It’s quite specific, geared towards low-res voxel games with adventure and RPG components, and designed to be usable by non-programmers. But it’s also very versatile and great for quick prototyping. And it’s made with Godot.

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