@ice Glimne had a 1D chess out in the 90s that I used to play, with this exact moveset and piece but I'm trying to remember the board. It was more than eight but I don't think it was 16, it was something weird like 14 or 18. Not claiming ripoff here, probably more of an independent invention. I'll mail him and ask.

@Sandra Interesting, but yeah, it could be an idea several people have already experimented with, since chess is pretty popular.

@Sandra @ice The article has a short history of 1d chess variants towards the end referring Glimne's version found at [https://www.chessvariants.com/shape.dir/onedim.html#:~:text=glimne's%20variant].
@konfou @ice That's great, thank you! Because the email address I had for him bounced because I think the ISP folded. I was emailing with him as recently as half a year ago. Glad you could find this page. So it *was* 18 squares.

@ice I really like this. Reimagined classical games are a joy.

@jameschip Yeah, movements are well-designed and logical, it manages to make the game quite different while keeping the same core principles.

@ice I'm surprised no one has come with an n-dimensional variant yet.
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