A few months ago, a dozen of goblet squats with a 20 kg kettlebell was a tremendous effort that used to get me out of breath on the floor and sore for three days.

This morning, I did 5 sets of 16 goblet squats. It was just the first part of my 1-hour workout, which uses weights around 18 to 23 kg for most exercises.

The moral of this story is that weight lifting is a Sisyphean self-inflicted torture that teaches you to enjoy the pain and gets you addicted to your own personal hell. I love it.

@ice honestly your posts have made me want to get some weights 😭🤣 did you write up anything about your experience getting into this type of exercise?

@metasyn Haha, glad to hear this :) Honestly it's life-changing, as it basically forces you to get a healthy lifestyle if you want to see some progress. I have a few notes on specific topics on my website, but nothing that actually describes the experience. I should write something about it, that's a good idea :)

If you take a look here, maybe notes like cutting, bulking, dumbbell, kettlebell and powerblock may interest you:

@dokoissho A squatting movement while holding a weight vertically with both hands. Which, I guess, kind of looks like you're holding a goblet of some sort.

@ice Oh I see - I think I was confusing "goblet" with "goblin" :)

@dokoissho Haha, I think that might work if you’re holding a rusty short sword or maybe a bucket of green paint while squatting.

@ice I was imagining it as squatting while holding a pair of garden gnomes.

@dokoissho That would be a double dumbbell front squat, providing you're handling a gnome with each hand. Though double garden gnome front squat sounds better.

@ice i just started using weights in recent weeks after a few months with body weight and resistance band training. i never thought id end up addicted to self inflicted pain

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