Seem like I'm falling down the cajón rabbit hole. I had no idea a simple wooden box you're sitting on could emulate a drum kit.

I'm pretty close to pick one, I mean, since I already play an instrument which is basically a flying saucer, why not supplement it with a wooden box?

Because learning several instruments at the same time is something stupid that I decided to stop a couple of weeks ago... heh.

Justifying my craving for a cajón by thinking that I could use it as an office chair. It would allow me to:
- practice anytime
- always keep a straight back since you’re supposed to play it with a straight back
- get up regularly because it’s not that comfortable
- rock on it as much as I want without destroying a chair
- annoy my coworkers by dropping sick beats anytime, especially during meetings, as an alternative to annoy them with my mechanical keyboard

Well, my new office chair has arrived.

I’ve chosen this model because it’s designed to be playable on all sides, and they all sound different. It has a jembe-like structure inside, which offers drastically different sounds on left and right compared to front and rear. You can also tweak the snare at two different heights. Last but not least, unlike most other brands, the logo doesn’t suck.

Now, I have to learn how to make it sound good, and it’s way harder than just sitting on it.


The four stages of cajón playing discovery:
- This sounds like shit, it's just a wooden box.
- Wait, maybe it doesn't, but I'm an utter failure of a human being who cannot slap a box properly.
- Wow, I get it, this sounds awesome (but I need a few hundred hours or practice)
- At least I can use it as a chair.

@jameschip It’s probably the same for every instrument, but here the brutal minimalism really asks for a careful exploration to see through the apparent lack of nuance. It’s pretty subtle actually.

@ice definitely. Most other instruments have a look about them of “i am going to have to work this out”. These have a look of “it’s just a fucking box, work you bastard! Why won’t you just work!”

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