I had forgotten drum & bass is basically audio caffeine. I’m doing house chores twice faster today. Or maybe not, but at least I’m doing them. I’m even about to move some furniture around. Last time I did this was… when I moved in?


Of course, I'm now trying to play drum & bass beats on the cajón. It's not easy to play this fast, and kind of exhausting, but it goes surprisingly better than I thought.

Now, if keep practicing, and if I get a bass pedal and a percussion stand... I might end up playing some drum & vast.


Note for self: don't forget to place the back side of your cajón against the wall when not in use if you don't want to find a cat sleeping inside.

@ice Allso ask your kids (if any) to not use it as a secret storage facility.

@maleza Haha yeah, that or the way too many other non-intended ways of using it… Pretty sure it will spark some creativity.

@ice Awww! That's so cute! We found stuffed animals in our cajon when the little one played some game!

@TQ Haha, hopefully I noticed the cat before using it… I also hope my kid will only think about putting stuffed animals inside :)

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