Hey Fediverse, I'd like your collective insight for a strange little project I can't get out of my head.

If you could have a casual talk with God, what would you ask? By "God", I mean any entity that supposedly created the universe, depending on how you imagine it, with or without religious context.

Think of this as a kind of open poll with no pre-made answers. Boosts greatly appreciated :)

"What have you learned from this experiment?"
"What would you do different the next time around?"

@amatecha @woozong Haha yeah, no doubt it might be the question that almost always comes up first :)

@ice @amatecha
I'd be interested to see how many times this question comes up.. Feels like (at least part of) its creation is desperately looking for purpose... 🤔

@ice @woozong I would ask so so many things if the entity would allow it. just a few that come to mind:

what was the purpose? was it a weekend game jam or a “life”-long all-consuming passion project? did you know or expect life would form, and conscious, self-aware beings would arise? do you know who/what created the universe you inhabit? is there more? is there any way I can comprehend the nature of the reality you experience? do you have a sense of time? can I leave the “simulation”?

@amatecha @ice
The meta-level that conversation would take place at, would make it hard to leave the conversation... indeed, too many things to discover..

@woozong @ice yes, I have sooo many more questions. if such a convo happened, I think the ceiling of human comprehension would quickly be hit, and a lot of answers would be “sorry, it will be some hundreds of millions of years before any being in your universe can understand even the beginning of the answer to that… if ever” 😅

@amatecha @woozong Haha yeah, probably, I guess that's where things become sacred/holy, when you understand that you can't possibly understand and still feel the need to make sense of everything, no matter how.

@ice @woozong yeah I can 100% see why people look to religion/faith/etc. I decided a lot about the universe myself, even very early in life. I don’t share my thoughts about the nature of the universe (or existence) much with ppl because what I accept as reality is scary and depressing and has caused me panic attacks for most of my life. Unfortunately nothing has ever convinced me to believe anything different! -_-

@amatecha @woozong From my experience, I'd say reality is something extremely subjective, and that the world we "know" is a kind of consensus generated by everyone's sense of being. As I grow older, I find it increasingly harder to simply see everything as a set of hard physics rules separated from feelings and perception.

@ice @amatecha
I guess I'm still out in the woods... looking for answers.. ;-)
Am I just an emergence of the universe.. star dust looking at itself (and other stardust)?
Are emotions and thoughts inherently ingrained in the 'laws' of the universe as just another level on top of basic particles interacting?
A few years back I started reading "I'm a strange loop" by Hofstadter. Got stranded somewhere 2/3 into the book, but I remember this layering being described... Time to re-read :-)

@woozong @amatecha I'm looking into the biocentric universe theory at the moment, which states that consciousness creates the universe, not the opposite, so both could be deeply intertwined, instead of a neutral, external cosmos on one side and an inner mental space on the other.

@woozong @amatecha Yes, depending on how you imagine the setting of this conversation, it could clearly go on for all eternity. Or maybe, as a human, you'd get bored after a while, especially if you actually get answers that make sense and that you can understand.

@amatecha @woozong Creation as a weekend game jam is an interesting concept, haha. It implies bugs and various errors were expected, and that maybe there was no time for a tutorial.

@ice @woozong “reality” is the ultimate procedurally generated game! haha … there are so many things that suggest to me that the universe is intentionally created. too bad I’ll probably never know the answers to any of my questions. maybe in some millennia the queries of a curious individual will be answered :)

what was the biggest challenge?
are you happy with the result?
was there any rush before the deadline?

@ice basically I'll treat it like a job interview, lol

@oleksiy "I'm sorry but your profile doesn't match our expectations for the job of God. Next candidate!"

@ice i have to assume that a creator of everything explaining anything to me would be ablut as relevant as me explaining c++ to an ameoba. as a human the visible universe is less than a soec pf dust in the grand scale.

@zens Yeah, I'd assume the same. But such a creator could also try to give satisfying answers, even if these would be so dumbed down they could as well be lies. They could probably build some kind of interpreter to translate and transmit an infinitesimal amount of their knowledge. Assuming they'd notice a lesser life form asking a question, of course.

@ice if god has a human like intelligence that can explain things in a way that a human can understand, it would require a singular linear style of consciousness, which inplies an extremely strained attention span. if not,,then we will either be deiling with something incomprehensible, or an “angel”, a go between entity that is not really “god”, just a being that can translate.

@ice i suppose it’s like an omniscience paradox- if god knows all, he would be incomprensible to humans. if he’s comprehensible to humans, he can’t know all

@ice but then, i think the gospel of Thomas talks a bit about the consequences of attempting this. It is apparently about the childhood of jesus, and how he would go around saying incomprehensible things to anyone who tried to tutor him, and kill anyone who annoyed him

@ice he would say things like “oh this is not me, this is merely my flesh sleeve. my true name is impronouncable”
or burst out laughing at tutors “you think you know what is in the beyond?!your soul is rotting food for the hungry”

@zens I'm not familiar with any kind of religious text, but this sounds like a great plot for some kind of horror movie involving a possessed child.

@ice The Omen, a film about the Anti Christ child Damien, is surprisingly similar to the book about the actual just normal Christ

@zens The kid looks spectacularly creepy. Seems like it's quite a good movie, I might end up watching it.

@ice are you looking at the original or the remake?

@zens The original -- looks like it spawned quite a bit of bad sequels, haha.

@ice there’s also quite a good parody tv series co writen by terry pratchet and niel gaiman called “Good Omens”

@zens Ah yes, thanks for the reminder, I still have to watch it, not to mention read the book. It's been on my radar since forever, I'm quite fond of Pratchett and Gaiman but for some reason I keep forgetting about it.

@ice i watched good omens before watching or being aware of The Omen or that Good Omens was directly parodying it and well, it was the wrong order. turns though it’s dated, there’s a vajillion things that reference the omen enough that it may as well be biblical canon now

@zens @ice

huh. TIL. That makes total sense. Never connected the two together.


@ice id give em the middle finger and bail

@ice This "casual talk with God" happened to me once (altered states were involved), but everything about me was erased to the point where no question mattered. Everything that happened on Earth was as irrelevant as your inventory in a video game after you're done playing it.

I got an answer though, even if I couldn't ask any meaningful question.

God said "I got this. Don't worry. Our loving hug will last forever."

Plain bliss. When a book has only blank pages, discussing the plot is moot.

@pindola Very interesting, thanks for sharing this! It sounds like you may have experienced ego dissolution, or some similar state.

@ice There's an element of ego dissolution in there, but at the same time it did feel like I was still very attached to being "me". It's just that "me" got liberated from everything that being human involved. "Me" now existed without legal name, without notion of gender, without particular attachment to having been a human, but with only a romantic relationship to something divine.

I haven't had other experiences that would qualify as ego dissolution so I can't compare much.

@pindola I had a few experiences of similar states, but nothing as whole or beautiful as what you describe.

@mithrandir Interesting, I had never heard of this. Pretty sure I'd fail to understand most of THE BOOK's content though :)

@ice Is the existence of suffering eventually worth it? Why?

@ice I think @zens response is probably the most likely outcome though

I'd likely want to ask all the standard issue questions of "Why?" and "How?", but realistically I'd just stare at the incomprehensible and stutter out loud my wish to remember the URL of whatever vague fever dream memory of a random childhood Flash game my mind has drifted to at the present moment. ,
i'd ask them "why?".
why have they created the existence and by extension us humans.

if there is a creator and we are indeed created then surely there would be a really good reason for us to exist.

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