:tp_kijetesantakalu: :tp_en: :tp_misa: :tp_li: :tp_esun: :tp_e: :tp_unu: :tp_mulapisu: :tp_kepeken: :tp_linluwi:

"The racoon and the rat order a purple pizza on the internet."

(this is a test, we now have 150 glyphs, including all words with a ku frequency index of 2 or higher)

Of course, I mistakenly inverted :tp_mulapisu: and :tp_unu: so in fact this means they ordered, well, some purple paint with pizza crumbs?

Please note: it has been brought to my attention that a bunch of emoji may not be screen-reader-friendly, so if you're using them, it would be nice to add a CW :)

@ice No idea what it means. It looks super beautiful though.

@mms Thanks :) It's just an announcement message, it roughly translates to something along these lines:

"All emoji for words from the official book are now available."
"Words from the new dictionary are coming soon."

@ice I like that I can hover over the emoji as a way to relearn the glyphs I've forgetten

@clarity Haha yeah, me too, I realized my glyphs are a bit rusty :)

@ice I somehow thought that this toot here: social.scribblers.club/@vicorv was the translation to the toki pona pictograms. Which would have been super cool!

@TQ Haha yeah, definitely :) This reminds me I need to write more poems and tiny stories in this language!

@SonjaLang I think Mastodon automatically adds a title property with the code of the emoji, so sadly there's no way to change it (at least not in a vanilla Mastondon install) You can add custom descriptions for images, but apparently you can't control emoji more precisely.

@ice @SonjaLang if I do a text-to-speech of your toot with emojis enabled, it reads them like "tee pee kamala", at least it doesn't spell the underscores.

@ice @SonjaLang I use a british english voice, and it has a real trouble saying some words syllabically.

@neauoire @SonjaLang I guess I could remove the prefixes, since there's an option to assign them to a category, they can be sorted easily in the emoji selector (in fact they already are). But depending on how you use them, it may be a bit less convenient for auto-completion, I'm not sure.

@ice @SonjaLang I think it'll be fine, there's no many things called milapisu >__>

@neauoire @SonjaLang Except the admin UI has no option to edit the emoji codes, so I need to delete and reupload them all lol

Oh well, I can do that over the weekend :)

@ice toki pona has a glyph for a raccoon? That seems very specific!

@gbrnt Yes, I don't know its origin, but it's a joke word, the longest of the language I think. Since it's pretty cute and fun, it made it among the most popular words :)


@Curator , our toki pona emoji are both out of date and incomplete. Any chance we could import this wonderful set?

@RussSharek @Curator Sure, I’m planning to put the files on Sourcehut after cleaning them up a bit so everyone can use them :)

ooh nice!
can I download these glyphs somewhere?
and are they in any way inspired by bliss symbolics?

@StroomAfwaarts I have to clean up the files a bit before putting them somewhere for download, they'll be available soon :) I don't know much about bliss symbolics, but some glyphs can be combined to make compound words, so I'd say they're somehow related. You'll find a bit more details on this Toki Pona script here: devurandom.xyz/tokipona/sitele

You can also get the font I used, I tweaked a few things for readability, but you'll barely notice the differences: wyub.github.io/tokipona/linjas

OK, I try out make an copy of that in #fedilab and fooview triggers a search with duckduckgo
and it's make a kind of transcription in Adressline
:tp_toki: :tp_a: :tp_tenpo: :tp_ni: :tp_la: :tp_sitelen: :tp_pilin: :tp_pi: :tp_nimi: :tp_pu: :tp_ale: :tp_li: :tp_lon: :tp_tenpo: :tp_kama: :tp_lili: :tp_la: :tp_nimi: :tp_ku: :tp_li: :tp_kama: :

@alm10965 Yes, it's the emoji codes for each glyph, with the prefix "tp_"

I've removed it, so now they will only include the literal Toki Pona word: merveilles.town/@ice/106674935

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