I’ve brought my old laptop running Pop!_OS on vacation to casually work on my Toki Pona dictionary without distractions. Upgrading it to the latest version wasted a couple of evenings. I had to go through several updates of old unsupported versions of Ubuntu and other needlessly complicated CLI manipulations that ended up with a broken login screen and no way to repair it.

Windows update sucks, but Linux isn’t better. It just sucks differently.

@ice I saw posts on Merveilles about Toki Pona but I didn't actually check until now, but WOW...

I will research this some more, I am secretly fascinated by conlangs for a while.
I sometimes dream invented and existing languages. I dreamed I was speaking in german and french with ppl in my dreams and we were understanding each other, lol! (I don't know german and french when I'm not dreaming...)

Anyway, thanks for sharing!

@crlf You’re welcome :) If you’re interested, I’ve gathered some resources here:

I’ve heard it’s a gateway drug to other conlangs, and it certainly is, since it’s its simple and easy to learn (though more subtle than it may seem at first.)

I only speak French and English, and I always thought learning a new language would be overwhelming, but Toki Pona proved me wrong. I mostly dream in French, but that’s an intriguing topic, I’ll try to pay attention next time :)

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