Remember I said I wanted to recreate Maurizio's M5 dub techno banger? Well, I did. This is just a quick and dirty preview, I'm not sure if it does justice to the original, but I had a blast dissecting and recomposing it on the OP-Z.

It took me 5 minutes to lay down the basic structure, but days to refine it enough to get a half-decent groove. Since I couldn't get the exact same sound, I ended up adding cheesy chords, so it has a more laid-back, dreamy vibe.


@woozong @pixelflowers Before I forget, it still needs some work, but maybe you guys will enjoy this (thread)

oh wow!
I listened to this, lying on my back, looking at the stars in this light-unpolluted area I'm in at the moment, head-phones at 11... very dreamy, I like!
Good job! \m/

@woozong Glad you like it! Trying to recreate it was pretty interesting. The original sounds simple, but it's full of subtle tweaks, its stark minimalism is really inspiring. I'll probably make more similar tracks (not to mention that despite having listened to loads of minimal techno back in the day, for some reason I had never heard of Moritz von Oswald's work, and I absolutely love his style.)

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