This year, my plan is to use my own prompts and my own drawing method (which will have nothing to do with ink.)

Prompts will be generated by rolling 3 random story dice every day. I have 36 unique six-sided dice, so it means loads of possibilities. I'll take a picture and post it first thing in the morning, around 7:00-9:00 UTC+2.

Feel free to share the rolls and use them in any way you want :) Just follow this thread or the hashtag if you find them useful.

In case you're wondering, this is based on the color palette of a cyberpunk-themed game I started to work on a few years ago with @rpginabox

I'm currently resurrecting the project and trying to plan how to actually finish it. I didn't know Toki Pona back then, but I think these "poems" will find their way into the game. My goal is to use this month to refine and explore concepts, moods and ideas and see how they can fit within my original vision of the game, or change it.

:ilo: :ni: :li: :ken: :pakala:
:sina: :wile: :pona: :e_: :ni:
:sina: :pali: :e_: :ilo: :ante: :mute_:

This technology is dangerous.
You want to fix it.
You create more technologies.

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@zens Please do! I just threw them all in a bag and took 3. I've been wondering how to use them for a pretty long time, now it just seemed to fit for prompts.

@ice Can I post these messages to my unused toki pona wiki, maybe write some thoughts about them?

@kensanata Nice! The layout is very clean, I like it (though it's from 2021, even if I did something similar in 2020 ^^)

@ice yeah, it’s simple because it’s just a layer atop a Gemini wiki, actually. But the fonts only have an effect in web browsers, for now.

@ice I have now added the kind of translation process thinking I wanted to write up on the page, if you want to check it out. These sentences act as interesting prompt.

@kensanata That's great! I've never seen this kind of step-by-step translation breakdown, that's a pretty cool idea. The format is very user-friendly, it should be useful for anyone interested in the language, beginner or not.

I like how it manages to be informative yet subjective, it makes the translation lively and more interesting than straight definitions :)

BTW, if you need more material, I've archived my 2020 stuff here: (there may be errors though, I'm no expert)

@ice Now I am back, thinking about sitelen sitelen, and staring at that Gilgamesh page.
I wonder if there has been any progress in creating a sitelen sitelen font that does what the Javascript does.

@kensanata That would be amazing, but certainly a huge amount of work. By keeping it as linear as possible, it could certainly be doable. Not sure how several elements within the same container would be handled though.

@ice I think it's all a matter of font-size… After all, linja pona all ready does small compositions via ligatures, and allows grouping via brackets (compare with the raw text, e.g. by following the edit link). I'm basically imagining that this should work for much combos as well.
Stacking could be formalized using a numerical suffix if you wanted to. Append _1 for very vertical to _4 for very horizontal, like that slider here:

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@mms Glad you like it! I'm trying to refine the themes of the cyberpunk game I'm working on through these fragmented thoughts. I find Toki Pona very helpful for this kind of minimalist brainstorming. I'm not sure where it will lead, but I think it's something I can build upon.

@ice Oh, have you already released something about your cyberpunk game?

@mms I have an old website here, which will likely be redone entirely (it's way too big and unoptimized):

This was 4 years ago, before I joined Merveilles. I don't think the game's look & feel will change a lot, but I have many details to trim or update.

@mms I have no idea when it will be released, but I have a much clearer vision than a few years ago, and a realistic scope. I’m aiming at a short adventure game, maybe 1 or 2 hours long, possibly with a few stand-alone episodes if I feel inspired enough. The idea is to make it as modular as possible, so I can easily add or remove features and content depending on the time I can spend on it. I’m eager to finish it, I’ve wasted enough time on plenty of other projects already :)

@dokoissho Looks like an interesting read, I could certainly learn a few tricks from this.

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