This year, my plan is to use my own prompts and my own drawing method (which will have nothing to do with ink.)

Prompts will be generated by rolling 3 random story dice every day. I have 36 unique six-sided dice, so it means loads of possibilities. I'll take a picture and post it first thing in the morning, around 7:00-9:00 UTC+2.

Feel free to share the rolls and use them in any way you want :) Just follow this thread or the hashtag if you find them useful.

:ilo: :ni: :li: :ken: :pakala:
:sina: :wile: :pona: :e_: :ni:
:sina: :pali: :e_: :ilo: :ante: :mute_:

This technology is dangerous.
You want to fix it.
You create more technologies.

:sina: :moli: :telo: :lon: :telo: :suli: :pi: :nanpa: :sona:
:ilo: :sina: :li: :ike: :lon: :ma: :pi: :ilo: :nanpa:

You are drowning into an ocean of data.
Your equipment is useless in the cyberspace.

:ilo: :sijelo: :li: :pali: :e_: :sina: :wawa: :mute_:
:o_: :toki: :mi: :e_: :ni: :jan: :seme: :li: :monsuta:

Cyberware made you very powerful.
Tell me, who is the monster?

a, mi ken ala ken pali e toki ni?
ooh, can i give this a try?

@jTemili Sure! Feel free to use this as prompts for Toki Pona or whatever inspire you. I post these dice rolls for everyone :)

mi pana e mun tawa jan lawa
taso ona li kepeken e luka tu ona

I gave a star to a police officer,
but they need both of their hands to work.

jan pi tawa lon telo li ken ala tawa la, jan lawa li pana ala e lipu pona tawa ona

toki Inli 

If the participant swimmer is incapable of performing, they don't get anything for participating.

@jTemili ni li pona! ken mute la, mi sitelen lawa e ijo pimeja mute.

toki Inli 

@ice the second part reads like "ilo li ike sina lon ma pi ilo nanpa"
to fix that, i'd make the "li" capsule include both the "ilo" and the "lon ma", the order would be clear then

toki Inli 

@jTemili That's right! Or maybe "sina" and "li ike" should be swapped. Thanks for pointing this out :)

@ice sina kama sona e tawa musi la, o musi, taso o pakala ala e poki mi

@ice wait, I also have a cold

That means....

I am the Flash! ⚡

@schratze Sounds good, you will get better very quickly then.

@la_ninpre Yeah, it's been bothering me for a long time... Hopefully it's not always true, we have the Fediverse :)

@ice I mean, you have basically described my morning! lol.

@sprkwd Haha, sorry to hear this! Mine is quite similar :)

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