An old friend came to visit for a few days, and brought me some sourdough. He left with a jar of kefir grains. I'm not sure how to put this in words, but that felt like, well, friendship.

And, more than that, it felt like some kind of universal human connection, the feeling of belonging to an endless network that provides hope and meaning beyond the absurdity of the darkening times we're living in.

@ice friends that ferment together stay together 🖤

@ice My parent said that sourdough in French used to be called the equivalent of "friendship bread" because you'd share your starter with others.

@neauoire I didn't know this! And it totally makes sense. This and other homemade cultures made me realize how much we've lost to the industrial food chain over a few generations. It's just... sad. And so stupid, given how simple such cultures are to maintain.

@neauoire Thanks! That's quite awesome to know that sharing it is literally part of the recipe, not to mention that time itself is kind of an ingredient.

@neauoire @ice There's a type of cake in Iceland, where you have a dough mother [sic?], that people pass around, and for some weird reasons it is called "amish bread". I have no idea why...

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