My 3-year-old wanted a computer, so this weekend we built a laptop. Now they keep sending emails to their grandmother.

@ice Wouh. I'd love that one for work. Looks fast!

@nihilazo @jayrope Haha, I still have to find a way to make it properly "closable", and also a way to keep the screen vaguely vertical on its own.

@ice @nihilazo This should work. Use two of those, stick/glue either ends into cardboard rims. Done ;)

@humanetech @ice @nihilazo Hard- and software ... almost merged into one. That is ... almost poetic. Uhm.

@ice Glad to see the webcam covered up. Never too early to learn about online safety and privacy.

@FiXato These are some actual laptop stickers that came with an Asus notebook, I've finally found a use for them, haha :)

I made sth like this around 1990 for myself while in primary school after short access to a C64. Two years before my family bought their first PC.

Yours looks really great and I would have loved if my parents could have helped me and given hints and hidden gimmicks like that! 🥰

@RobinSohn Thanks :) It still lacks a few things, maybe various stuff to display on the screen with some sheets of paper as someone suggested, a way to close it properly, something to keep the screen vertical when it's open... It was fun to make (though the keyboard was a pain to draw, haha)

@peter Haha yeah, the wildest specs you can dream of :)

@ice Maybe also add a list of paper on the screen with a clip.

You can have different pages (windows) for different apps :)

@bookwar The keyboard took ages to draw, so I had no time to think about the screen (but my kid was adamant about not putting stickers on it because it would hide it lol) Nice idea, I might try this :)

@rostiger It's thinner than a MacBook Air I think. Easy, no ports at all :)

woah very cool! I think our youngest would love one like that.. looking for cardboard as we speak 🤗

@ice aaaahhhhhhhh, I had one of those as a kid as well! 😊

The keyboard even has a numpad, you don't see that often in laptops. Quite a high end device you got there! 😄

@normandc Yeah, I wanted to include one because I thought it could help my kid to understand numbers. Not sure it’s very readable though :)

@danslerush They came with an actual Asus laptop, a Vivobook.

@danslerush Yeah, all of them, the characters and the black and yellow ones all come from the same set.

@danslerush Yeah, that's the ones (though I guess there are several sets, I don't have the skating fish for example)

@lohang @ice no glare, recyclable, does everything you need, value for money, the list of features is endless. install a drawing program with 'paper', remove to save and share with friends.

@rosano Yeah, and you can even draw out of the screen if your resolution isn't high enough :)

@ice Yes, perfect. I love that message "it's a real laptop iff it has stickers on the lid"... ;-)

@horhik I guess I could make a jigsaw puzzle version :)

@ice Haha this is great; will keep this in mind for when my 2 1/2 year old inevitably asks for one as well!
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