Spent the last couple of days reading Count Zero then Mona Lisa Overdrive, because I suddenly remembered that Neuromancer, which I read a couple of times ages ago, is the first book of a trilogy.

It’s nearly 40 year old, but the late capitalism vibe is so strong that it still feels painfully modern.

I’m now starting to read Virtual Light… I guess it’s William Gibson marathon time.

they were really great when I read them some 20+ years ago. I really should read them again :-)
Added to the re-read list..

@woozong My first thought after reading the trilogy was "but where is today’s equivalent?" I mean, I knew it basically started cyberpunk and had a huge influence, but I didn’t realize it had defined so much of the genre and beyond. It doesn’t seem the themes and tropes have evolved a lot. Today we have loads of subgenrepunk, but, I don’t know, where is the groundbreaking scifi?

@ice it's been a while since I read something really ground-breaking. Got my hopes on The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu.. haven't bought the trilogy yet, but it's high up on my list.

@woozong That looks pretty interesting, I’ve never read Chinese sci-fi and I’m curious to see how different it can be compared to the usual Western perspective. Thanks, I’ll add it to my list too :)

@ice I think that Neuromancer is groundbreaking but the other two books are narratively better.

I love all of his stuff though :)

@grimmware Yeah, I agree, I have a rather chaotic memory of Neuromancer, and the two others felt more structured, with a strict rotation of the characters perspectives until they all meet in the end.

@ice that is an incredibly succinct way of putting it.

@ice yeah! I read those numerous time and recently got the new french traduction, and also because of the amazing covers by Josan Gonzales (@deathburger / @B378Unit, go check his/her work)

@0gust1 Oh, I saw these drawings quite a few times but I didn’t know the name of the artist, they’re pretty rad indeed, thanks for the suggestion :)

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