COVID test, venting 

Getting tested. There’s a pretty long line. Half of the people are talking to each other with their mask not covering their nose. I just don’t get it. I’m not sure we deserve to survive as a species.

COVID test, venting 

On the plus side, my results are negative. I still suffer from a bad cold and higher levels of misanthropy than usual, but it’s time to celebrate nonetheless.

re: COVID test, venting 

@ice We probably don't. 😠

COVID test, venting 

it's bizarre how so many people, two years in, fail to observe some basic & simple rules:
- proper use of a mask
- keeping distance (1.5m is a lot more than you think)

COVID test, venting 

@woozong Yeah, my guess is it’s some kind of mostly unaware deny, similarly to what brought us climate change. Also, many don’t care that much when they don’t feel directly threatened. But that’s logical, given how individualist our society has become.

COVID test, venting 

@ice agreed.. people only seem to (re-)act when something directly (as in now) impacts them.. all indirect, far-future impact seems to have less/little/no effect.

My father caught COVID back in march '20.. right before the beginning of the first lockdown here in BE. He was put in a coma and intubated for 40 days.. and crawled through the eye of a very small needle. That made me very sensitive for false arguments I hear often.. just one example:
me: "your mask should not be hanging on your chin"
them: "I know, but it's hard to breathe"
me: "My dad couldn't breathe"

Which is a probably a very harsh reply.. I always follow that up with a "I hope neither you or one of the people you care for has to go through that experience.. that's why I think properly wearing a mask is important".
People usually just stare at me after that.... 😒

And yes.. climate change is in completely the same ballpark.

P.S.: my father (77 now) is okay again, leaving on a cruise with my mom next week.
"But dad... do you have any idea how much CO2 a cruise ship...."

And so we continue muddling along...

COVID test, venting 

@woozong Many of the older folks I know tend to either be resigned or clueless regarding both COVID and climate change. Even after talking about it, even if they understand, or seem to understand, they still come back to the way of life they've always known. As if it was either too late or not their problem anymore. But I suppose that for most people, the older you get, the harder it becomes to change or even to accept change.

I'm glad your dad made it though!

COVID test, venting 

@ice Our biological substrates are messing things up these days, aren't they.

As soon as I work out how to transfer consciousness to charged convection cells in the Earth's mantle you will be the first to know

COVID test, venting 

@rezmason Good luck, and please hurry up :)

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