My resolution for 2022 is to stop playing Skyrim. I’m not sure one whole year will be enough to get tired of it.

@jrc03c Because it’s stupidly amazing and addictive with its bazillions of mods. I waited 10 years to play it, but it means 10 years of user-made content, with endless ways of playing the game (and breaking it, and fixing it, and starting new playthrough forever…)

@ice @jrc03c Ugh I just started playing it... And i started to worry too

@ice @crlf @jrc03c When you think you escaped you discover that The Elder Scroll Online is basically Skyrim but with the entire map of Tamriel and you can play it for free alone despite being an online and that's the end.

I know because I've lost my partner to it.

@jrc03c @crlf @ice @thomasorus noted!
I still have to finish the witcher, but already noticed that skyrim was available on switch…
I played a lot « the elder scrolls – arena » when younger… slippery slope.

@thomasorus @ice @crlf Uh-oh. It's probably not good that I've learned this information.

@vincent Haha yeah, one more excellent time waster on my list :)

@ice it'll never happen. I love skyrim, but I go away for a year and then I always fall back into it because of something new I've seen.

@sprkwd Haha yeah, I’ve waited 10 years to play it because I didn’t see the point after Morrowind and Oblivion, but there are 10 years of mods to try. It’s endless.

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