I've heard music can be therapeutic.

Making techno and blasting it at a rather high volume sometimes makes me burst in tears.

It's an overwhelming feeling, quite ecstatic. A raw wave of pure emotion that surges when I'm in the zone, when everything clicks. Something "unlocks". It starts with shivers, then goes way stronger, without words, images or thoughts attached.

I know my emotional circuitry isn't exactly standard, but has anyone experienced this while making music?

@ice while making music, dancing to music, listening to music. Yes.

@TQ @ice I'm not making music, but listening to music, live or from the records - 100% yes

@alpacaglitch @TQ I can experience something similar when listening to music, but it's more like a background feeling, and linked to memories or emotions I can name. Here, it's just a massive blast of awe. It has happened to me before, but not at this scale. I guess I'm finally understanding what music is.

@ice @alpacaglitch I have always felt that even when I was relatively young, just listening to music. I know exactly what you mean - I think. I mean, if I haven't, I really wouldn't know the difference, right?

@TQ @alpacaglitch Sure! I think most people who experience this have always felt this way. But I’m wondering why it has only started to happen to me recently.

@ice @alpacaglitch that's a really interesting questiin, indeed... I like your approach of having unlocked something.

@TQ @alpacaglitch It somehow started when I got some new gear and set it up on a dedicated desk, far away from the computer, and with decent, loud speakers.

But it's probably not a purely physical response. Maybe it's linked to becoming more "serious" about music, consciously putting more of myself into it, I don't know. Or maybe it triggers some long-forgotten, buried emotions. That's weird, haha :)

@ice @TQ not to be a killjoy, but - maybe it really depends on the hardware and quality of sound
it's always amazing how you really feel the music by your whole body and sounds, as waves, reach you "deep inside"

@alpacaglitch @TQ Yes, I can say it never happened to me with headphones, or while playing an acoustic instrument. It certainly has something to do with feeling actual vibrations with your body. But it's not only that, there's also some kind of cerebral link, the deep satisfaction of finding the right sound, or letting the sound find you, if that makes sense.

@ice sometimes beast less recently these days, but that’s because I’m drugged up to the eyeballs most days.

I've had similar/related experiences, usually only during live gigs (either dj or band). I've had it range from 'awe', over some deeper feeling of belonging/community to more emotional... brought to tears when being in the middle of a crowd of thousands that sings along to a song..

@woozong Yeah, being part of a crowd can certainly create strong emotional reactions, I've also experienced this to a lesser extent. I'm still wondering how I manage to get such a powerful vibe alone in front of my speakers, haha.

@ice someone once asked me if I was okay because I looked sickly… when I was ecstatic from making music in my head

@ice Yes, sometimes when playing in a band or listening to good musicians live. It's been too long, though, but I don't despair. It will come in its time. Good on ya for experiencing this.

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