Tomorrow I’m going to see Hang Massive playing live and I’m a little hyped. First concert in years. That should be fun, not to mention I took the option that should allow me to hang out (now that’s a quality a pun) a bit with them before the concert.

I have absolutely no idea what I’ll tell them, my English accent is atrocious, and my social anxiety will likely skyrocket, especially since it will apparently be possible to play a bit of handpan… But, yeah, that should be a memorable experience.

Plot twist: meeting Hang Massive has been cancelled and I just found out about it when I arrived. Oh well, at least the concert is still happening.

There are no less than nine handpans on stage. Not sure how many arms these guys have.

That concert was great. I didn’t think I’d headbang on Hang Massive’s music, but it went bass-heavy and straight into trance territory at the end. Quite and interesting blend, in a way rather experimental, but at the same time very accessible.

They were… I don’t know, simple, kind, authentic, eager to share and make everyone feel connected. Danny Cud made a little speech about this. It was really heart-warming, huge smiles and good vibes all over the place.

Most of the show had electronic beats and textures playing either in the background or at higher volumes. At some point Danny Cudd performed a song alone, with a single handpan, really close to the audience. It felt really genuine and humble, like busking in the street.

I was a few meters away and at some point he looked straight at me and smiled wildly, and I could only do the same, and it was magical. Not in the "I’m a huge fan" sense. It was just a beautiful instant of sharing and caring.

Here’s a couple more pictures. I also managed to record a video of their most famous tune, Once Again, but it needs a bit of editing and I’m not even sure what to do with it anyway. It’s oddly darker than the original, still beautiful, but the electronic background makes it feel more solemn, and clearly takes other meanings after all these years and the current times we’re going through.

Too bad I couldn’t talk to them in the end, but it was amazing, don’t hesitate to see them live if you can.

@ice That's awesome. They make some real interesting music

@megabyteGhost Hell yeah, I hope to learn a few things, even if it’s only a couple of words to remember. Trying a real handpan also sounds great. And besides this, they seem to be really nice guys, I’m just curious to hear a bit more about their experiences.

@ice I got to meet The Glitch Mob before a concert once and it was a really awesome experience. Any chance you get to meet musicians, do it!!

@megabyteGhost Haha, I saw them live aboard a small boat a few years ago, I couldn’t talk to them but it was awesome. Loads of energy in a tiny, crowded and unusual place :)

@ice woah, enjoy!!! (where are they playing ?)

I’m sending messages to your social anxiety right now 😄 (I’m like that too)

@0gust1 At the Grand Mix in Tourcoing. No problem, haha :)

@ice i feel you as owner of a Bad Italian Pronunciation ™

@nonmateria I'll speak in Toki Pona, at least I'll be sure to not get accidentally understood :)

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