I've managed to kind of accidentally make a new album. Which is nice, since I haven't released anything substantial in years.

It's only 35 minutes long, it's full of fat drones and mangled steel tongue drum, drowned in glitches, reverb and delay, everything has been patched together somewhat randomly with even more randomness, yet it feels, I don't know, wholesome?

Maybe I'll hate it tomorrow. Not sure when I'll release it. For now, here's the cover art.

Agonizing over whether I should mix all tracks to make them fade into each other, or keep them all separated by silence.

A full mix would make sense, we're clearly in ambient territory with long drones, and silences feel like interruptions. It would in fact be the same process I followed to make the tracks, but at a higher level.

The only reason I wouldn't do this is that I never did it before, and it may be harder than I think, but it's in fact one more reason to do it, right?

Plot twist: I don't like a couple of tracks, and I have more ideas for more tracks. So, maybe releasing this album will take a bit more time than expected. But it's freaking great that the juice keeps flowing!

Time to stop messing around with my various tracks and attempt that full album mix. I think I'll just approach the whole thing as a bigger track made of long samples. Technically, it's nothing more than that... I just hope the process won't show me the tracks with a different perspective and make me hate them.


So, here comes my new album.

It's a blend of heavily processed live RAV Vast recordings. I'd say it's quite experimental, mostly , though it flirts with while also having a few rhythmic parts.

I made it for myself, on a sudden impulse, with no other goal than to have fun. And maybe a little introspection. It's a mess, but a mess I'm happy with.


Boosting this for other timezones. I feel weird boosting my own posts, but apparently people seem to like my stuff, so... 😅

@ice seclusive systems was my favorite. great work!

@metasyn Thanks :) It's also among my favorites, this is a direction I'd like to explore further. Most of the material I had recorded wasn't suitable for adding regular beats, so I turned to a more ambient side, but I expect to dabble more into techno in the future.

@ice evocative and moody. I love it. Am really enjoying network of the dead.

@minimaldotclick Thanks! It's one of my favorite tracks. At first, it was very short, but I felt it needed more space, so kept extending it... then I realized it had become the longest, haha.

@ice Finally have time to listen to it, really nice! It was my work soundtrack in the morning ;)

@bd Thanks a lot! Great to hear it makes a good work soundtrack, it means it does its ambient job :)

@bd Oh and thanks for the support, it's very nice :)

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